At ClaimMe, our mission is to serve as the best property damage claims referral service in the world, making sustainable improvements to communities while empowering homeowners and insureds, and positively impacting the environment. We want to elevate the insured's knowledge and comfort level when filing a claim.

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Suffering a loss is both unexpected and troublesome, striking at any time without warning. The emotional stress intensifies with the inevitable financial hardships. Insurance companies have professionals handling claims, and so should you. ClaimMe exists to simplify the process, making legal services easily accessible throughout Florida. We connect insured individuals with qualified lawyers, considering damage type, location, and language preference. Our aim is to prevent overwhelm and provide peace of mind in property damage claims. ClaimMe streamlines the process, connecting you with experienced attorneys who offer transparency, support, and communication throughout your claim journey. Our goal is to ensure a smooth claims process for you.

ClaimMe is here to facilitate and provide peace of mind when it comes to dealing with property damage claims. Assisting insureds by streamlining the claims process, ClaimMe puts you in contact with experienced attorneys who are here to assist you every step of the way. Our vast network of attorneys will guide you and ensure you understand the process. They will provide you with transparency, support, and communication throughout your claim. Our goal is to ensure your claim goes as smoothly as possible.


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